The Only Premium Hospital Bed Designed for Home Use


What Is Sondercare?

SonderCare was founded on a belief that a bedroom should be your sanctuary, not a source of anxiety or discomfort. Whether you’re living on your own, with family members, or in a seniors’ residence, you’ve earned the right to feel comfortable, safe, independent – and to get a good night’s sleep.

Oftentimes we get asked what “Sonder” means. In German, Sonder means special.

SonderCare’s intention is to provide the world’s best beds, furnishings, mattresses and other room accessories specifically designed for the senior living market. Our beds provide all the care and support for users that a traditional hospital bed would, but is the only bed on the market that combines this functionality with an attractive, stylish, non-institutional design – all while meeting current medical certification standards. Our products are special.

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The Evergreen Approach

Like the majestic tree, symbolizing strength, security and resilience, SonderCare uses the Evergreen Approach to provide safety, comfort and greater independence.

Evergreen Approach

Enhanced Comfort

Too many seniors suffer silently with chronic pain, stiff joints, and soreness. Your bed should be a sanctuary of relief, not a source of discomfort. The Aura bed’s infinitely adjustable backrest, knee, feet, and tilt functions allow you to recreate the natural curvature of the spine, improving comfort while alleviating pressure, back ache, indigestion, snoring, and even swelling.

With the touch of a button, the bed adjusts to a full comfort chair position, letting you relax comfortably while reading, eating, watching TV, or visiting with loved ones.

Each SonderCare mattress is specially crafted to contour with the adjustments of the bed, while the patented Comfort Deck system uses 50 individually flexing composite springs to achieve optimal support and relief.


SonderCare Beds

SonderCare Bed

The SonderCareTM Bed is like nothing else on the market today. Designed to conform to the latest international standards, this bed provides you with a sense of safety, comfort, and greater independence than standard flat or adjustable beds.

  • Height Adjustable
  • Infinite Positions
  • Illuminating Hand Controller
  • Integrated Bed Extension
  • Assist Rail
  • Comfort Deck
  • Easy Mobility
  • Finishes
SonderCare Bed

SonderCare Bed & Mattress Packages

Aura Bed Package 1

Essentials Package
  • Fluid-Proof 2-Way Stretch Mattress Cover
  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Electronic Adjustable Aura Bed Frame
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Aura Bed Package 2

Enhanced Package
  • Luxury Twin XL Sheet Set
  • Fluid-Proof 2-Way Stretch Mattress Cover
  • Home Comfort Pillow Top Bamboo Mattress
  • Electronic Adjustable Aura Bed Frame
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the SonderCare product line-up

  • Why would the SonderCare Aura bed be good for me?
  • I don’t want to feel like I’m in a hospital bed
  • I like the bed I currently have and think it will be more comfortable than Aura
  • Can I only buy this bed or is it possible to rent it?
  • Are there additional sizes available aside from the Twin XL?
  • What mattress options are compatible with the Aura bed?
  • Will standard Twin XL Sheets work with the Aura Bed?

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SonderCare Bed Introduction

Learn more about the innovative SonderCare bed

Bed Installation

Setting up and transporting your bed

SonderCare Bed

Learn more about the innovative SonderCare bed in this short product video


SonderCare Premium Hospital Beds & Mattresses Help to Promote Good Sleep Habits

For seniors and those suffering from mobility challenges, SonderCare hospital beds and mattresses provide the solution for better quality sleep for patients:

  • The head and knee articulation capabilities allow for users to easily position themselves into their desired sleep position without strain or struggle to adjust.
  • The height adjustment capability allows users to safely get in and out of bed on their own, lowering enough to allow for a 90° knee angle and feet placed solidly on the floor before attempting to get out of bed (with the support of the bed as it raises with you,) which reduces the risk of falls or slips while getting in/out of bed. (Refer to Figure 1)
  • The integrated assist device adds additional security with four positions, customizable to the level of support desired.

Solutions for Senior Care & Long-Term Care Facilities

If You Work in A Senior-Related Field

This Bed Can:

  • SonderCare beds can be adjusted to accommodate the specific needs of the user. With infinite positions possible, the SonderCare bed can help reduce risk and discomfort associated with many common health challenges, including COPD, Indigestion, Heartburn, Snoring, and Sleep Apnea and Edema.
  • Helps to reduce the physical demand and strain on the caregiver by adjusting from 10” up to 32” from mattress deck from the floor.
  • Ultra-low capabilities of the bed frame help to prevent falls from the bed and reduce fall injury severity.
  • Help reduce stigma around the “look” of medical products. This product can easily blend into the user’s home environment without looking clinical and equipment-like.

If You Represent a Retirement or Assisted Living Community

This Bed Can Also:

  • Help differentiate and market your facility by offering elevated comfort, independence and security to your residents.
  • Generate additional revenue for your community. Traditionally, new residents purchase bedroom furniture prior to their move into your building and that is an opportunity for you to offer them this bed as part of their accommodations (furnished).
  • Support your residents comfortably and safely aging in place.

If You Are an Occupational Therapist

This Bed Can Also:

  • Potentially allow clients to stay in their homes longer by maintaining their independence and safety getting in/out of bed.
  • Provide additional support with integrated mobility aids.
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